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All three of my children have attended MAUK and I could not be happier with the love, care and education they have received each and every year they have attended . I have had at least one in the Infant house, Toddler house, Children’s house and Elementary classroom at one point or another over the last five years and each experience has been wonderful. Walk in and you will be amazed at how a classroom full of toddlers and preschoolers can be so calm and peaceful. It is obvious how much the teachers love their students and even more obvious how much they are loved BY their students. Mine rarely want to go home when I pick them up at the end of the day . In addition to learning to read well by VPK and really internalize numerical concepts, since they have been there my girls have: planted and harvested a garden of vegetables, raised baby chicks, learned to sew, been on numerous field trips ( starting as toddlers) , hiked and learned to recognize local plants and animals, learned yoga poses and practiced meditation, learned West African, Indian and Latin American Dances , had a video conference with Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus and the list goes on and on. I am so grateful for everything this school has given them- I wish they could stay forever!
Welch Family

My daughter started at Montessori Academy of the Upper Keys as a toddler, spending a few half-days in the toddler room each week.  She completed VPK, Kindergarten, first grade, and is currently in 2nd grade at this facility and I simply cannot say enough good things about this school and about the director, Ms Bridget. 
Ms Bridget has always taken time to sit with my husband and me to explain the Montessori curriculum, lessons, and teaching methodology that were utilized in our daughter’s classroom each year.  From the start, I found her enthusiasm endearing and felt strongly that she was a teacher I wanted in my daughter’s life. Her ability to manage a classroom is nothing short of amazing, surpassed only by her genuine caring for every child in it.

I’ve recently spent time observing my daughter’s mixed-level class this year and have seen first-hand the pleasure these children find in learning, the eagerness with which they select a lesson, and the true sense of accomplishment they feel upon completion of that lesson.  I’ve witnessed a dozen children at work, some doing individual lessons and some in small groups, while Miss Bridget and her co-teacher provided the perfect amount of guidance, direction, and encouragement. The result was a quiet, peaceful yet industrious and joy-filled classroom.

My own daughter has truly found her voice at MAUK.  She has been treated with nothing but respect, love and patience and the results speak for themselves.  She reads beyond a third-grade level (chapter books are her favorite, she’s currently working her way through the Narnia series), she loves to show me her skill at long division, and she recently stood up before her class to give a research presentation, complete with notecards…and she’s in second grade!  She delights in her accomplishments at school, she is comfortable in her own skin there, willing to try new things but also wiling to go her own way. She has learned how to be helpful, compassionate and cooperative.

I have never once worried about my daughters safety or health when she’s at school…I know that she is well supervised and cared-for by the entire team of teachers at MAUK.  I’ve been contacted immediately the few times that something was amiss and am grateful for the open lines of communication. MAUK has exceeded our expectations and I am thrilled to be able to enroll my little girl in third grade there this fall.

The Wheatley Family  

Our daughter has attended MAUK since she was 11 months old, for seven years. Her academic abilities are several grades ahead and her awareness of self and community are beautiful to see. We have had nothing but extraordinary results with MAUK and always recommend it to anyone looking for a school home.
The first day we walked in we could feel the love and peaceful atmosphere. The children all calm, were working on lessons with focus and concentration. It’s spectacular to experience classes of children eager to learn and master skills.

The school offers regular parent education nights and classroom observation. Parents interact with staff with a sense of family and responsibility for making the environment the best it can be for the children.

As the owner says, “It’s a school first, business second. Children always first. I want them to come away from here with a lifelong love of learning.”

This has been true in our experience of MAUK. For our family, it has been the best and most nurturing education experience we ever could have asked for in the upper Florida Keys.

White Family

My children have attended this school for over 5 years. The level of care and attention is outstanding. Ms. Bridget and her staff are extremely dedicated to their students and their families. The learning environment created at this school sets your child up for success. I can’t say enough positive things about this school!
Lange Family

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We love Montessori Academy of the Upper Keys. All 3 of our girls have (or will by this year) attended...
We love Montessori Academy of the Upper Keys. All 3 of our girls have (or will by this year) attended this wonderful school. The teachers are all amazing. I couldn’t imagine entrusting anyone else with our children. Thanks for teaching and loving our girls 💗 Allison 
What a wonderful preschool - caring teachers, nurturing environment and quality activities make this Montessori preschool the best in the...
What a wonderful preschool – caring teachers, nurturing environment and quality activities make this Montessori preschool the best in the Keys. Carolyn DePaula DeCuba
So Happy to be part of the Montessori Academy Upper Keys family! Megan Sheriff
So Happy to be part of the Montessori Academy Upper Keys family! Megan Sheriff